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Still Feel The Rain | Rain Poem

rainy sky

These little drippings sloshed on my brain, Singing me a lullaby. I wanted to open the window, To feel the freshly blown air on my face and hair; While listening to the pitter-patter of rain. Rain falling from skies, Rain falling from my eyes; Sometimes it makes me feel cozy, Sometimes it makes me feel …

That Old House : Memories

that old house memories

At the very first sight, Memories flooded me the last night. Trodding down on the walkway, I found this bizzare house. It is not just wood, Perched on the sand like that. Thousands of memories lie inside, Memories some sweet and some cried. Rickety wood made it stood, For years and years. As I leave …

Rhyming Along : Giggles Of Life!


Rummaging through the thoughts, I found the inner child in me. Child who likes to live a care free life, Who likes to giggle over stupid things. The child who was camouflaged by life, Looking at the clouds and waiting for the rain It wanted to dance, sing and scream. Not affected by the deviations …



  Hundreds of dream in two little eyes, Longing to make a world so high. Flying in that wonderland, where I could be who I am. Packing all the anxieties in my bag, Unruffled by any thought. Wish I could find my peace!  


Far away from my reach, Still I had the dream. Just when it was high, Came the clouds toppling over, Darkness was all everyone could see. Washing away all the apprehensions, The sun came flickering in the sky. Manifesting again that sunset is transitory, and the SUN will shine tomorrow, so will YOU!