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Weekly Photo Challenge : Sunset


Hey Everyone, It’s been so long that I posted here. Sorry for the delay and let’s start afresh with this beautiful Sunset Photograph. Don’t forget to share your favorite Sunrise/Sunset Photo in the Comment Section. Enjoy this week’s Photo Challenge and Have a great day! “Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about …

Flower Of The Day : Photography Alert!

flower photography

“There is no such thing as an ugly accent, like there’s no such thing as an ugly flower” – David Crystal I would love to see your floral photos in the comments. Hope you all enjoy the photo. Believe in Yourself : Inspiring Quotes

Beautiful Flowers By Cee


Feel free to add your floral photo to the comments. This way we can all enjoy everyone’s flowers. I decided for the month of October I’m going to be posting flowers that have some sort of orange in them. Remember you don’t have to have an orange flower to join in the fun. Qi (energy) […] …

Share Your World


Nature has something amazing attached to it, There are days when you feel low on energy. Those days are the days which suck your positivity, Leaving you bleak and uninterested. The nature brings you back to the world and; Inspires you to live a colorful life, And not consider the grey shades as the end, …

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Water


    Here’s my quick post and entry for Tuesday’s Photo Challenge by Frank’s over to Dutch Goes the Photo Blog. Calmness and aggressiveness of water can’t be denied. These five quotes sums up the nature of water in a really good way. Quotes: “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always …

Rhyming Along : Giggles Of Life!


Rummaging through the thoughts, I found the inner child in me. Child who likes to live a care free life, Who likes to giggle over stupid things. The child who was camouflaged by life, Looking at the clouds and waiting for the rain It wanted to dance, sing and scream. Not affected by the deviations …

Caught In A Trance : Sunsets


Gazing at the sky when the sun is setting for a new sunshine, I get caught in a rapt trance, unable to look away from the beauty. The Sunset always do this to me, I wonder what the sun wants to convey. It is an inexplicable feeling which is amazing, For a few seconds, I forget …



The sun was all set to diminish from the sky and I was sipping a cup of coffee sitting in my garden. It was then when I decided to capture this moment through my phone camera. It looks like flowers are bidding adieu to the sun. The shot came out to be really amazing. What do …


It’s funny how much we get disappointed in life over small things, Things we know, wouldn’t even matter in coming years. We feel like there’s nothing left in life, but do we realize that nature always has something to inspire us. Look at this tree, this is a tree which has withstand numerous weather conditions, …