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Believe in Yourself | Inspiring Quotes

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Little did I know, I’ll be unstoppable ~ Musings Of Nature #inspiringquotes #quotes #motivationalquotes Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence

Caught In A Trance : Sunsets


Gazing at the sky when the sun is setting for a new sunshine, I get caught in a rapt trance, unable to look away from the beauty. The Sunset always do this to me, I wonder what the sun wants to convey. It is an¬†inexplicable feeling which is amazing, For a few seconds, I forget …


It’s funny how much we get disappointed in life over small things, Things we know, wouldn’t even matter in coming years. We feel like there’s nothing left in life, but do we realize that nature always has something to inspire us. Look at this tree, this is a tree which has withstand numerous weather conditions, …