Simmer : Night In The Making

Beautiful Flowers By Cee


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Your journey started when you were born, let’s see where you reach ~ Musings Of Nature #lifequotes #quotes Time is nobody’s ally | Quotes

Time Is Nobody’s Ally | Quotes About Life

time is nobody's ally

Don’t envy others time, It doesn’t befriend anyone ~ Musings Of Nature #harshtruth That Old House : Memories

That Old House : Memories

that old house memories

At the very first sight, Memories flooded me the last night. Trodding down on the walkway, I found this bizzare house. It is not just wood, Perched on the sand like that. Thousands of memories lie inside, Memories some sweet and some cried. Rickety wood made it stood, For years and years. As I leave …



Freedom is allowing your heart lead the way ~ Musings Of Nature Freedom Quotes Take A Chance | Inspirational Images and Quotes

Take A Chance | Inspirational Images And Quotes

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“This journey is going to introduce you to a new version of yourself, don’t hesitate to take a chance” ~ Musings Of Nature #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Reality Crumbs : Unstated Emotions

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Emotions, Heartaches, Pain, Agony How much a person deals with, So much of Loss is complex. We move on, we fall and we stand up, These little crumbs that makes us strong and Compassionate towards others. For when you see others hurt, You don’t hesitate to grab their hand, and lift them up because you …

Flaming Desires : Chaos Within!


I’m strange, I admit! I accept myself as a wanderer. A girl who is lost in herself. I deal with this chaos everyday, I have incomprehensible mood swings, I switch between from being nosy to careless in seconds. Sometimes I want to be a kid all over again. Making stupid faces in the mirror and …