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Experience Makes A Man Wise | Life Quotes

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Experience does not look beautiful always, it has scars,marks and wrinkles but you can always count on it because it makes life beautiful ~ Musings Of Nature #experiencequotes #lifequotes Her Favorite Color | Life Quotes

Her Favorite Color | Quotes About Life

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She has seen every color of life and her favorite remains the color of freedom ~ Musings Of Nature #freedomquotes #herquotes #lifequotes Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

Don’t Let That Passion Die | Life Quotes

Miracles | Life Quotes

Develop that power of staying positive in the most negative situation and you will make the miracles happen ~Bharti Rana #positivevibes #positivequotes #passion #success Borders Of Mankind

It’s Your Race | Life Quotes

Life Quotes

You are running your own race in your time zone, don’t let other’s success bother you ~ Bharti Rana #lifequotes #positivity #positivequotes Transformation: Daily Photo Challenge

Get Over The Past | Life Quotes


Get over the past like fall because the spring will be back ~ Musings Of Nature Simmer : Night in the Making


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Your journey started when you were born, let’s see where you reach ~ Musings Of Nature #lifequotes #quotes Time is nobody’s ally | Quotes

Time Is Nobody’s Ally | Quotes About Life

time is nobody's ally

Don’t envy others time, It doesn’t befriend anyone ~ Musings Of Nature #harshtruth That Old House : Memories

You Got A Bright Future | Quotes

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Life Quotes By Musings Of Nature

Dreams Are Priceless : Do You Have One?


It’s amusing to see the journey of life, As a child, we all have those silly dreams Dreams of getting a magic pencil, Traveling to that choco land. As we grow, our dreams gets bigger and brighter, Treading the streams and ups and downs of life. We should hold our priceless dreams as tight as …