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Still Feel The Rain | Rain Poem

rainy sky

These little drippings sloshed on my brain, Singing me a lullaby. I wanted to open the window, To feel the freshly blown air on my face and hair; While listening to the pitter-patter of rain. Rain falling from skies, Rain falling from my eyes; Sometimes it makes me feel cozy, Sometimes it makes me feel …

Dreams That Haunt : Poems

morning wishes

The night was the ugly monster, I wanted to come over. I had a bad dream, where I was running for my life. It held me so tight, I couldn’t bear that sight. And then came a saviour, The sunrays from the window which filled everything with light. Enjoy the beautiful light the sun shows, …

Borders Of Mankind


The borders we have drawn on maps, Have limited the mankind’s scope. This is what they have done to us, Shrugged our soul and gripped us. Behind Racism,we have left the cause Humanity was all our goal, I ask you, Are you open enough to write a fresh book? Where we leave away all the …

Rusty Old Car : The Untold Journey

rusty old car

Bearing an untold journey, This abandoned rusty old timer automobile. Has packed up soul’s boxes, Warmth of the sun bring in memories. The atmospheric essence feels like breeze after hours of raining, Nature fills life in everything around. Even the smallest things can bring happiness which are generally overlooked.