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Visceral Feelings

Some days you drain out of your positivity, Some days you want to be left alone. It is perfectly fine to feel like that, Because you’re a human being and; To constantly remind you of your unabashed love, You have to experience these feelings. After seeing the lurid colors of life, You need to gravitate …

Caught In A Trance : Sunsets


Gazing at the sky when the sun is setting for a new sunshine, I get caught in a rapt trance, unable to look away from the beauty. The Sunset always do this to me, I wonder what the sun wants to convey. It is an inexplicable feeling which is amazing, For a few seconds, I forget …



The sun was all set to diminish from the sky and I was sipping a cup of coffee sitting in my garden. It was then when I decided to capture this moment through my phone camera. It looks like flowers are bidding adieu to the sun. The shot came out to be really amazing. What do …


It’s funny how much we get disappointed in life over small things, Things we know, wouldn’t even matter in coming years. We feel like there’s nothing left in life, but do we realize that nature always has something to inspire us. Look at this tree, this is a tree which has withstand numerous weather conditions, …



  He asked ,”Do you love me”? She got completely baffled. Within seconds, he came down on knees with a flower in hand and said,”My love, I want our relationship to bloom like a flower and grow like a tree with strong roots” She loved the gesture so much that another love story started to …



  Hundreds of dream in two little eyes, Longing to make a world so high. Flying in that wonderland, where I could be who I am. Packing all the anxieties in my bag, Unruffled by any thought. Wish I could find my peace!  


Far away from my reach, Still I had the dream. Just when it was high, Came the clouds toppling over, Darkness was all everyone could see. Washing away all the apprehensions, The sun came flickering in the sky. Manifesting again that sunset is transitory, and the SUN will shine tomorrow, so will YOU!