Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

organic lawn care tips

Nature has bestowed so much on us. Do we really care about it?

Well, statistics about increased pollution and its harmful effects around the globe state a different side of human thinking and its actions. This post is going to be about organic lawn care methods where we all can learn something that can nurture life in the soil using organic fertilizers with no lawn pesticides.

The first thing we all question about is “Would switching to an organic lawn maintenance program save you money?”

It really can save you money in the long run because you are actually improving your soil structure instead of juicing the lawn up with unsustainable top growth through synthetic fertilizers. Initially, switching the lawn to organic will take an investment of time, effort, and money.

Tips for your organic lush green garden-

1. Test Your Soil : The local professional lawn service provider can do the job for you. The results of this test will provide you the right information about the needs of the soil thus saving your efforts and money.

2. Feed with Compost : Organic fertilizers feed the soil life, which in turn feed the grass plant. So how does using organic fertilizers save you money? With organic fertilizers you are actually improving the soil structure with the organic matter while also feeding the grass. Adding compost will improve the water retention capacity of the soil.

3. Opt For The Right Weed Killers : Mother Nature always teaches us about the health of the soil. Weeds are messengers that states the condition of soil. We can kill weeds — with a chemical, with a tool, a blowtorch or a tarp, or with boiling hot water or by simply bending over and pulling it out. If there are excess plantain or dandelions you can go for the best weed killers and can reduce their usage over time.

4. Mow Wisely : Don’t mow unless there’s rain in the short-term forecast. Use an electric mower or human-powered push mowerto cut down on backyard air pollution.

5. Water Wisely : You can save a lot of water by switching to Organic lawn care methods. Water early in the morning to prevent fungal disease and reduce evaporation loss. The amount of water to use varies for each grass variety and soil type and also according to the weather conditions.

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