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Spirit Of Christmas | Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is here to stay in our hearts throughout the year ~ Musings Of Nature #christmasquotes #merrychristmas #christmas2017 Tips to avoid stress : Article

Tips To Avoid Stress and Best Stress-Busters


Stress is something people face in their daily life. Many people don’t know how to deal with anxiety and stress. Here there are a few tips you can follow to avoid stress and this will surely act as the best stress busters. The tips, which are as follows: Stress can be quick and happen to …

Dreams That Haunt : Poems

morning wishes

The night was the ugly monster, I wanted to come over. I had a bad dream, where I was running for my life. It held me so tight, I couldn’t bear that sight. And then came a saviour, The sunrays from the window which filled everything with light. Enjoy the beautiful light the sun shows, …

Experience Makes A Man Wise | Life Quotes

Experience quotes

Experience does not look beautiful always, it has scars,marks and wrinkles but you can always count on it because it makes life beautiful ~ Musings Of Nature #experiencequotes #lifequotes Her Favorite Color | Life Quotes

Her Favorite Color | Quotes About Life

freedom quotes

She has seen every color of life and her favorite remains the color of freedom ~ Musings Of Nature #freedomquotes #herquotes #lifequotes Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

organic lawn care tips

Nature has bestowed so much on us. Do we really care about it? Well, statistics about increased pollution and its harmful effects around the globe state a different side of human thinking and its actions. This post is going to be about organic lawn care methods where we all can learn something that can nurture …

Don’t Let That Passion Die | Life Quotes

Miracles | Life Quotes

Develop that power of staying positive in the most negative situation and you will make the miracles happen ~Bharti Rana #positivevibes #positivequotes #passion #success Borders Of Mankind

Borders Of Mankind


The borders we have drawn on maps, Have limited the mankind’s scope. This is what they have done to us, Shrugged our soul and gripped us. Behind Racism,we have left the cause Humanity was all our goal, I ask you, Are you open enough to write a fresh book? Where we leave away all the …