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Her Favorite Color | Quotes About Life

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She has seen every color of life and her favorite remains the color of freedom ~ Musings Of Nature #freedomquotes #herquotes #lifequotes Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

Let’s Preserve Nature : About Organic Lawn Care

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Nature has bestowed so much on us. Do we really care about it? Well, statistics about increased pollution and its harmful effects around the globe state a different side of human thinking and its actions. This post is going to be about organic lawn care methods where we all can learn something that can nurture …

Don’t Let That Passion Die | Life Quotes

Miracles | Life Quotes

Develop that power of staying positive in the most negative situation and you will make the miracles happen ~Bharti Rana #positivevibes #positivequotes #passion #success Borders Of Mankind

Borders Of Mankind


The borders we have drawn on maps, Have limited the mankind’s scope. This is what they have done to us, Shrugged our soul and gripped us. Behind Racism,we have left the cause Humanity was all our goal, I ask you, Are you open enough to write a fresh book? Where we leave away all the …

It’s Your Race | Life Quotes

Life Quotes

You are running your own race in your time zone, don’t let other’s success bother you ~ Bharti Rana #lifequotes #positivity #positivequotes Transformation: Daily Photo Challenge

Transformation : Daily Photo Challenge


Transformation is the law of nature, One thing ends to mark a new beginning. Seasons Change, People change and so do Nature, Let’s not complicate things, And take the life as it comes Because in the end, Memories would matter the most #celebratelife #savenature Daily Photo Challenge:Transformation

Rusty Old Car : The Untold Journey

rusty old car

Bearing an untold journey, This abandoned rusty old timer automobile. Has packed up soul’s boxes, Warmth of the sun bring in memories. The atmospheric essence feels like breeze after hours of raining, Nature fills life in everything around. Even the smallest things can bring happiness which are generally overlooked.

Get Over The Past | Life Quotes


Get over the past like fall because the spring will be back ~ Musings Of Nature Simmer : Night in the Making