Weekly Photo Challenge : Sunset

Believe in Yourself | Inspiring Quotes

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Little did I know, I’ll be unstoppable ~ Musings Of Nature #inspiringquotes #quotes #motivationalquotes Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge : Silence


Silence can be better felt when everything running in your mind stops for a while the moment you look at the mesmerizing beauty of nature and get awestruck. For this week’s photo challenge I’ve taken this picture which left me wonder-struck for sometime. I hope you enjoy this photo. Breathe Out The Fear : Quotes

Breathe Out The Fear | Life Quotes

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Just breathe out to throw all the anxiety away from your body, there is a sunshine waiting for you. ~ Musings Of Nature #lifequotes #quotes #positivequotes Still Feel The Rain : Poem

Still Feel The Rain | Rain Poem

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These little drippings sloshed on my brain, Singing me a lullaby. I wanted to open the window, To feel the freshly blown air on my face and hair; While listening to the pitter-patter of rain. Rain falling from skies, Rain falling from my eyes; Sometimes it makes me feel cozy, Sometimes it makes me feel …

Spirit Of Christmas | Christmas Quotes

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The spirit of Christmas is here to stay in our hearts throughout the year ~ Musings Of Nature #christmasquotes #merrychristmas #christmas2017 Tips to avoid stress : Article

Tips To Avoid Stress and Best Stress-Busters


Stress is something people face in their daily life. Many people don’t know how to deal with anxiety and stress. Here there are a few tips you can follow to avoid stress and this will surely act as the best stress busters. The tips, which are as follows: Stress can be quick and happen to …

Dreams That Haunt : Poems

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The night was the ugly monster, I wanted to come over. I had a bad dream, where I was running for my life. It held me so tight, I couldn’t bear that sight. And then came a saviour, The sunrays from the window which filled everything with light. Enjoy the beautiful light the sun shows, …

Experience Makes A Man Wise | Life Quotes

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Experience does not look beautiful always, it has scars,marks and wrinkles but you can always count on it because it makes life beautiful ~ Musings Of Nature #experiencequotes #lifequotes Her Favorite Color | Life Quotes